Small Plane Airstrip and Vintage Field House added to new Snug Harbor sim


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You probably thought there was nothing else Snug Harbor owner Ty Lomes can add to make the nautical sim any better and bang he adds something new. Tucked away on sim 9 is a wave-splashing, vintage themed beach that looks like time never altered it. Thanks to the contributions of Pearl Sweetwater and  Ingazaentz, the retro-looking beach will be a great new hang out. Residents will have the opportunity to host parties, while visitors can rez a surf board and ride the wave after joining the navigator group. Pearl was responsible for adding three kickin’ new waves and Inga built a unique field house and terraformed the land. Grab an ice cold pop from the vintage color and chill on Snug Harbor beach.



You won’t find your standard field house here. Inga has incorporated a historical military theme in a mural, gun-metal gray salvaged ship parts for the counter and check out the small plane above.

So why the new playground?

According to Ty, he was ready for expansion. This is about as far as he can go North at this longitude. It became an estate corner and he wanted to add a new beach and a bigger wave. It’s a great new way to make it a more interesting place for all that walk on the shore.

“I was going to make it accessible by road, instead of boardwalk and someone told me why don’t you put in an airstrip. I said okay, but when you put in an airstrip you have to figure out what to put at the end of it. The building process took about a month. We ended up putting in a little field house and a place big enough to turn your plane around,” he said as we talked on the new stretch of beach on a Saturday afternoon. He added, “And only for small planes. I didn’t want a big airport. You can land here now and you can ride the wave.”


Snapshot_012Ty said it’s suppose to appear retro themed, like it’s been well used and been there forever. Inga, a Russian speaker, set out the nautical items arranged on the beach and created  the vintage field house and Pearl did the break-neck waves, water current and the rocks on the shore.


Inga’s plane awaits its pilot.


Two new properties are available near the air strip. Perfect to watch planes take off and land or to personally fly your own small plane.

Taking fun to a new level, Ty and Inga are introducing Easter Island. Think cultural versus paintball and you and your friends  can easily clock in an SL hour of this real life game with a virtual twist. Though it hasn’t had an official opening and rules aren’t yet posted, everyone is invited to teleport up  there. You’ll find teleports near the dance emporium in the town area.



No mystery to how these were moved here.


Meter and paintball color selection done here.

–Netera Landar, Snug Harbor blogger


The Marvelous Melodies of MillTycoon: Classical Lessons to Children’s Theater


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Conducting interviews with musicians in my Snug Harbor coffee shop is simply wonderful. For one, its a perfect opportunity to have an uninterrupted, one-to-one conversation with a talented individual. I have learned about their musical background and influences, if they’ve performed in real life and if they are songwriters, as well.

Snapshot_010I had recently caught up with MillTycoon, who had been a guest on my former chat when it was held on Terric. I had accepted an invitation to one of his Second Life gigs and returned it with an interview request. Mill is quite talented as a pianist and he interacts well with his audience.

In real life, Mill calls California home and he told me that he’s been performing since he was 13 years old. He doesn’t remember a time without music. Those early classical lessons from 7 to 12 years old and jazz from 12 to 16, were taken with a little coaxing by his parents. As for his love of musical theater, “The Sound of Music,” and “Annie” were his favorites musicals and still hold a special place in his heart.

How it began….”I could play the piano, so I managed to get some performances in a children’s theater and at parties,” he explained, tapping into his memories of those early years. “Mostly things were set up by my family in one way or another. I always could play by ear, so when left to my own devices, I would also play rock. Bruce Springsteen was a big favorite of mine at the time.”

Then came compiling his mental database of music…Firing up his playlist were cassette tapes for birthday presents and listening to the Top 100 popular songs on the radio.

“I could play every big hit on the radio from 1984 by the end of the year,” he said.

Though, when it came to advancing his education, music wasn’t his major. He focused on American Studies as an undergrad.

Mill stated, “Sort of a general Liberal Arts degree, which covered classes in American movies, history, literature, demographics, and a music minor, which was sort of curtailed. And then I got a PhD in Music years later.”

He explained that his education was one of the rare cases of a student who didn’t have a music major degree as an undergrad, then decided to apply for a PhD. His master’s degree was included into that larger degree, so he had nothing until he had a PhD.

“I taught as a TA (teacher’s assistant)  for the university for several years, then some community classes, as well as piano and voice lessons, which I still teach,” he told me.

Mill stated that he heard about musicians performing in Second Life, but he hadn’t explored it until his girlfriend wanted to come in-world to sell some of her merchandise.

He doesn’t recall how he began performing here just that he did a search for venues with a piano and started asking the owners if they needed a piano player. He confessed that it took three months before someone hired him. His girlfriend and Kyle Bronsdon, a piano player, taught him the technical aspects in order to perform in a virtual world.

“They helped me when I was starting out,” he admitted. “I would go to Kyle’s venue and hear him all the time.”

On Second Life, Mill has rezzed a little upright, but for about three years now, he’s been playing a white grand piano. (Who wouldn’t like to play one?)

“In real life, I have a digital piano called a Korg M50, which is hooked into a mixer with my microphone, and then into the back of the computer,” he explained, adding that he asks for open-ended requests and attempts to play anyone. “Tony Bennett, Katy Perry, Patsy Cline, Tom Watts, songs from Miss Saigon, The Cars, Weezer. I play wherever people direct me. I play by ear so a lot of songs are easy, and I work hard to learn and maintain the rest of them. I have a giant book of condensed lyrics that I made, sprinkled with notes all over the margins so I don’t forget certain things.”

As for his performance schedule on Second Life, he plays five gigs every two weeks, only one of which is weekly. So that gives him a little time to hear his favorite Second Life artists, such as Jeffah, Isabella Rumsford, Sing, Luciano, Kyle Bronsdon, Mamaa Sais, and Jen Waddington. Sassy, co-proprietor of CYD Productions, is his manager.

He also has written about 130 songs throughout his life. But his serious writing endeavors actually began in 2004. Mill has five albums worth of material that had been developed from that point on, including a brand new album that was due to come out when I interviewed him.

For 29 years, he’s entertained an audience. What does music mean to him?

He’ll tell you, “Its hard for me to say what music means, since it’s always been in my life and I have never known life without it. I get songs stuck in my head for hours quite often. It is almost like asking someone what food means to them. There is great food and there is filler, but it’s a constant in life.”



Iconic Women exhibit opens on Snug Harbor with poetry readings


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secondlife-postcard-9neteralandarArticle by Netera Landar

Photography by Dahlia Jayaram

The foundation of our society is built upon courage, strength, engineering, great minds and leaders and those who built and fought for it. While history continues to present the past achievements of men, women are stepping up to the podium and making their voices heard. We have broken the glass ceiling and are now reaching for positions our mothers could only dream of. We need to remember that the women of the past paved the way for their contemporary daughters.


Snug Harbor has dedicated a virtual exhibit in their honor. “Iconic Women,” features women who have made a lasting impression in our lives. I invited one of Second Life’s most powerful poets to do a special reading. Kamille Kamala  of the Lyrical Cafe (right) joined me in opening of this first exhibit for Netera’s Lounge. Kam read her original poetry, “Broken,” “Paint the Pain,” “Unity Required to Break Free,” and “Personalities of Flowers while I read Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings,” “Alone,” “Phenomenal Woman,” and “Shall I Rise.” All appropriate poetry to open the doors of the gallery. The majority of the wonderful pictures in this blog post were taken by my friend Dahlia Jayaram. I big thank you for your contributions.

Kam and I were thrilled to have a standing room only crowd while we read. Addressing the crowd I said, “Today, we are going to open the doors to a different kind of gallery. We can do what everyone does and put high-quality representations of an artist’ s real and second life work on a virtual wall, or we can take it a step further, as other exhibits have. Like virtual sculptors we can organize thought-provoking exhibits. ‘Iconic Women’ is Snug Harbor’s first exhibit dedicated to women. I’ve chosen those who have made their mark in history by swimming against the tide of society, who dared to think outside of the box, to lead and motivate and make their voices heard.

To view the exhibit on Snug Harbor, visit Netera’s Lounge, click on the teleport door near the bookcase and go upstairs. Two more exhibits are currently being planned, but if you are an artist, sculptor or photographer and would like your work featured in the gallery, IM me. Groups are welcome to have meetings in the coffee shop.


Dahlia Jayaram reading Kamille’s poem dedicated to the women in the exhibit. The exhibit will be open through the end of February. I am currently working on an educational exhibit about H.G. Wells.






We were pleased to have a group of SL residents supporting the exhibit and the work of Kamille and the late Maya Angelou.



I’m currently writing a sequel to my book “Deadly Reservations” and my character, Zoe Montgomery, is helping Harriet Tubman escape through the Underground Railroad. I admired her courage and inner strength so that is why I began the exhibit with her first. (photo by Netera Landar)


Clara Barton (1821-1912) was a nurse during the Civil War, humanitarian and founder of the American Red Cross. (Photo by Netera Landar)


Marie Curie (1867-1934), Marie Sklodowska Curie was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist. She conducted “pioneering research on radioactivity and was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Beside Marie’s photo is a picture of Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan. Anne was not born blind and deaf. When she was 19 months old, she had what they called “brain fever” what could have actually been scarlet fever or meningitis and that caused her to become blind and deaf. Through the exceptional work of Anne Sullivan, (also the 6 year old daughter of the family cook who taught her “home signs,”) Helen learned how to communicate. She went on to become a voice of those who were disabled, a suffragette, a socialist (because of poor industrial conditions and the rich living in ease while the poor have no rights), and a birth control supporter.

Iconic Women Exhibit Comes to Snug Harbor – Come Check It Out!


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By Netera Landar

With the new year comes a few interesting changes on Snug Harbor.  One you’ll soon learn about. It will require keen observation and the ability to run. The other requires your attention and respect.

After several months of searching through history for the women I’ve come to admire, I’ve gathered a collection of historical photographs and teamed them with motivational quotes from these individuals. I did it because I wanted the former chat studio to be an educational realm. Second Life has a number of dedicated venues that are informative and motivational. So let’s create another.

On the second floor of Netera’s Lounge, you’ll find the first exhibit which I’ve titled, “Iconic Women.” Dedicated to the women who were courageous to swim against their time period’s tide, it offers quotes of wisdom which women today can relate to.


You can teleport to the second floor by clicking the teleport door. Feel free to walk around and read what these special women had to say about following the right path, being adventurous, brave and wise.

On Saturday, Jan. 2, at 2 PM SLT time, Kamille Kamala-Khan and I will read poetry in the lounge for the formal opening of the gallery. Kamille is a dynamic poet and I know you’ll appreciate her words and her ability to present a powerful message. I’ll be reading poetry from Maya Angelou and other well known female poets that I’ve respected over the years.

In future months, I’d like to feature Second Life and real life photography, more educational exhibits that tell about different time periods, people, Second Life communities and more. Artists and Photographers interested in being featured, please IM me.


Let’s See What Land Is Available On Snug Harbor!


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Tucked away in a quiet corner of Snug Harbor, you’ll find Siren’s Island to the right of the boardwalk. For L$26,299 a month you get 3,300 prims. This is a lease not own land. Feel free to add your own New England-style home and appropriate landscape.


Tig Island is behind Siren’s. It’s where the wave was located.. Privacy is a great feature here and the sea is perfect to wake up to in the morning. This lease, not sale, is currently available for L$25,399/month for 3150 prims. Add your own New England home or you will love this La Galleria model, complete with a spacious patio and a lovely pool.

Snapshot_005DuoLodge Island is on the other side of the sim. Several nearby properties are well landscaped so the view is great. The island shape is perfect for boats or setting out a large dock for entertaining. Lease the island for L$8,480/month for 800 prims.


Behind DuoLodge Island, you’ll find Nikkos in the corner. Two perspectives of this land for lease face the sea. You can call this desired location home for L$9,540/month for 900 prims.

Come see for yourself what Snug Harbor offers from land leasing to a cozy boardwalk, several venues and a coffee shop. What’s not to like?

Introducing Dominoe Effect A Raw, Penetrating, Natural Musician


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Snapshot_012When last I spoke with Toysoldier Thor he told me he was headed to The Only Venue. There was a new talent on the music scene and he goes by the name of Dominoe Effect. Never to pass up a Guitar Zane gig when I had the time to escape work, I clicked on the landmark Toy, a real life and Second Life artist, gave me and bang, I was hooked.

There had to be at least 50 people in the venue, so I prayed I wouldn’t crash before hearing another song. The 29-year-old father of two from Minnesota could really belt out a tune. His manager, Jordan Jarman, will tell you that Dom is a new singer/songwriter that projects a raw, penetrating, natural talent that pulls listeners in with his sound.


“Vocally Dom has been inspired by the likes of Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave, as well as the lead singer of Shinedown, Brent Smith,” Jarman said late that night after the gig. “Other musical influence is drawn from bands such as Lifehouse and Goo Goo Dolls.”

So I wanted to learn more about this spanking new Second Life musician. He granted me an interview right after his performance at The Only Venue and was patient with my usual SL obstacles. You really need to reboot your whole computer when you go to the concerts with a full house. I didn’t so he talked and I typed.


We sat in my coffee shop on Snug Harbor and I listened to him tell me how he started playing the guitar when he was 18 years old. His friend had a few guitars at home and he started teaching him Green Day songs. Dom’s mother bought him his first guitar from a music store in Forest Lake, Minnesota.

“I’ve been singing my whole life,” he said. “First in choir in school and church, but I didn’t develop vocals until the last three to five years. I’m self-taught. I started trying to mimic my favorite artists, to try and figure out how they do it, without straining my voice.”

Now you’ll find him playing rock, alternative, oldies, such as “House of the Rising Sun,” oldie and blues that is completely laid back.

It helps him express how he feels, depending on his mood, and relieves stress.  He stated that writing music is a challenge for him. His responsibilities as a father come first and focusing on lyrics can be difficult to grasp during his free time. What he excels in is definitely hitting the high notes.

Dom learned about Second Life in a PalTalk room he helped manage. Collin Martin and friend AllieKattz had already come to Second Life and had figured out the basics, as well as how musicians perform here.

When Dom came inworld he said he looked like such a newb. Kattz told him to hang out at Key West to see how things came together for performers. One day old he gets banned.

“I didn’t understand what to do. I really stuck out,” he admitted. “Allie was mainly the one to convince me to try it out and so I became intrigued. “I felt I could do it, I just had to learn how. I didn’t come here for the money. That’s not why I play. I want people to hear me sing. That’s what I love doing.”

I can tell you that this young daddy can quickly fill a venue. If you love TwinGhost, Guitar Zane and Skye Galaxy, you’ll love Dom.


Molly Masingh, co- owner of The Only Venue with Jake Puhpow, recognizes Dom as an amazing soulful artist. She said he sings with passion and love for what he does.

“He’s always witty and charming when he’s on stage and engages the audience,” she said. “You can certainly see that people love him and his music.”  She heard him perform only once and knew he would hit it big on Second Life. Catch his gig at The Only Venue every other week.

Toysoldier Thor stated that he’s heard numerous musicians of varying degrees of caliber, stage presence, and popularity. When a friend asked if he heard of a new Second Life musician called Dominoe Effect he replied, “no.”

“They said I had to hear him, so that night I actually did. I didn’t hear more than a couple of songs to realize Dom will be the next big following and buzz in our community. The power of his crisp voice and a wide vocal range, his falsetto, his mature guitar skill, and his amazing handling of a genre of music not often heard tackled…classic and modern rock. It’s great to see and hear a new, fresh, music talent inject into the SL music scene. I quickly became a fan,” said Thor.


Links you’ll want:

Toysoldier’s blog:

The Only Venue, Sylvhara (193, 65, 22) moderate

Listen to Dominoeeffect here:

Are you unforgettable? Fashion designers, builders, musicians, artists, IM me for a possible interview on Snug Harbor: Netera Landar. Send me your bio statement and tell me about your work on SL.


Second Life Joins in the Stand Up 2 Cancer Music Benefit For Second Year in a Row

sign 6The annual report of “Cancer Facts and Figures 2015” estimates that 1,658,370 new cancer cases will be diagnosed and 589,430 deaths, related to cancer, will occur this year. Fundraising efforts must continue until there is a cure. Over $370 million has been pledged since the founding of Stand Up 2 Cancer on May 28, 2008. The campaign is spearheaded by the entertainment industry and is growing strong with 942 scientists dedicated to participating in the charity’s research.

Here on Second Life, 42 live music venues and 150 performers will participate in the Stand Up 2 Cancer Music Fest on September 12- 27.  The event is being coordinated by Still Braveheart as the majority of us have experienced the loss of a loved one or have known someone that has died of cancer.

According to Still Braveheart, “The Second Life Music Community is holding the benefit for a second year in a row.  This year with a twist.  Second Life is so diverse and so is Stand Up 2 Cancer, now having a presence in three countries.  The U.S., U.K., and Canada.  All lindens donated will be divided evenly between the three countries.  At each event there will also be kiosks with the ability to donate directly, via credit card to each country, to ensure Second Life residents’ donations are going closer to their own countries.  I believe a fundraiser like this has never been done in Second Life before.”

Participating venues include: 1st Chapter Plaza, Acoustic Cave, Blades Edge, Bound Elegance, Breakers, BS’s, Café Musique, Ce Soir Tonight, Coconut Beach Club, Friendz of Live Music, GSpot Club, Jays Kansas City, Lucianos Jazz Club and Lounge, LC Live, Moonshine & Roses, Mountain High Club Roco, Nicky Tams Pub, Night Moves, Phat’s, Place of Grace, RMS Titanic, Seaside Lounge, Smokin Aces, Stargazer Café, Starsong, Sunshine’s Cove, The Dirty Grind, The Lemonrock Café, The Lighthouse Venue, The Nameless Café, The Only Venue, The Open House, To The Stars, Tricksters Sounds, Vincents Music Palette, Voodoo Bayou, White Tiger, Windlight Magazine and Wonderful Dreams.

She continued to explain that Stand Up 2 Cancer was founded by a few women, Katie Couric being one of them.  They chose to take an innovative approach to ending cancer and developed dream teams of doctors both domestically and internationally.  The dream teams are comprised of some of the best doctors from all over the world, coming together to work towards ending cancer. Another important thing to note is that 100% of all donations go directly to research and not obscure things entitled “Programs” or CEO salaries.



The UK —

The US —

Canada —

Fisherman’s Rest Awaits You! –LEASED in hours!



Fisherman's Rest_003 Fisherman's Rest_002 Fisherman's Rest_004Fisherman’s Rest on SH5 (106, 220, 21) is currently available to lease for $8,995 a month with a 1,000 prim allowance. This is not a land sale. A land purchase will be converted to a lease. Pay the rent box one month minimum. Self-develop restricted to convenant conditions. Mid-Atlantic theme required on ground. Residential only. Rez, terriform and land options will be conveyed and land listing removed within 24 hours of renting via group invite. Contact Ty Lomes for assistance.

Spacious Frog Island is awaiting you on Snug Harbor




frog Island4_001This estate/homestead is a lease, not land sale, located at the border of Second Norway. When you click “land purchase” the transaction becomes a lease. You pay one month minimum of L$6,120  through the rental box for an allowance of 600 prims. Self development follows the land covenant conditions. We go by a “Mid Atlantic” theme for property on the ground. This is a residential property only. If you’re interested in commercial, you can IM Ty Lomes. Rez, terriform and land options will be conveyed and land listing removal within 24 hours of renting through a group invite. Contact Ty Lomes if you need assistance.


frog Island4_004