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Amforte Clarity on Snug Harbor’s outdoor stage. She has a great personality and a natural talent when for performing.


Trying to connect with a musician on Second Life, when you work for another, is quite the challenge. 

But when the opportunity came, Amforte Clarity and I sat down to talk on Austin Moores’ platform. She’s very open and easy to talk to. She’s a free spirit with a passion for song writing, singing, and film. She’s admits to being a joker and she’s having a great time singing on Snug Harbor.

In 2008, when Amforte started singing in Second Life, her goal was just getting her music out there. She laughs when I ask her how she learned about Second Life and says, “That’s a funny story.” In real life, she was working in a lingerie shop and a SL singer’s friend was working there. He just happened to say that he was going to sing online later. That info made Amforte curious. She waited for the singer to return to the store. When he did, he gave the information she needed to download SL. 

“It was quite eye opening for me,” she recalled when seeing Second Life for the first time. “This is perfect! I was at his friend’s house when he had a show. He introduced me (to the audience) so that was great. He said I was new, and I had my guitar, and I just played a couple of songs and people loved it,” explained Amforte.

She admits that she knew no covers back then. She just had the original songs she’d written and she played the guitar.

“It just took off from there and I just got as many shows as I could,” said Amforte. “I was grateful for the singer who helped me get started.”

Now, there’s a great deal of competition, in terms of attracting an audience and keeping it during prime entertainment time. Amforte found that she had to evolve. She started using tracks.

“It was at the same time I got sick and I didn’t want to stop playing anymore,” she related. “Singing is my life. It keeps me from going crazy. It kind of feels different than playing my guitar and originals and covers. There’s a difference between acoustic and track. Acoustic is more personal and more emotional, I think. I’m emotionally attached to songs.”

Currently, Amforte doesn’t have a manager. But, in the past, Lingual Markus was a big help in keeping her on track. She regarded him as “the best manager ever.” He owned The Roof venue and he knew the business end of SL performances.

Today, you’ll find Amforte on average doing two gigs, but she can have up to four a day.

“I sing everything, from acoustic, private shows, originals, covers songs to 60s to pop, jazz, blues, country, some swing like Postmodern Juke Box. People know me for Alanis Morissette songs. Some people say I sound like her. My favorite singer changes from week to week. Right now, I’m into the songs of Lewis Capaldi. I love singing songs with emotion or love songs.”

Amforte says she sings at 15 venues, not always on a regular basis, playing anywhere from 30 to 50 shows a month. She’s been performing a few months at Snug Harbor. That was arranged through a host of hers who was looking for additional venues for her and got her the gig.

Did you know that there’s this whole other passion of hers? She just received a Bachelors in Art in Film Studies, which she said was hard work. She’s working on a feature film which she hopes will be done in a few years. There’s a lot of producing and pre-production as well as raising capital to be done first.

Snug Harbor’s owner, Ty, on the right.