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snug harbor_007

Whether you’re shopping for a Hampton Home, townhouse, or market shop, DEER Home and Garden has some realistic models. You’ll find DEER on Snug Harbor.

snug harbor_001

Looking for a quiet coffee shop to relax in after Christmas shopping? Look for Netera’s.

snug harbor dance emporium_004

Stroll down the board walk or rent a space along the dock.

snug harbor_006

Townhouses are available with oversized decks and floor-to-ceiling windows.

snug harbor_003

Dance to your heart’s content at Snug’s Dance Emporium.

Snug Harbor_008

Marina Blues is another popular venue. Bono is a regular performer here.

Snug Harbor_017

Rich wooden tones are the main decor at the Dance Emporium. A perfect site for a wedding reception or a quiet dance floor for two.

Snug Harbor_015

The nautical theme can be found throughout Snug Harbor.

Snug Harbor_011

Friends often meet behind Marina Blues. Who doesn’t love the comfort of a fire pit and cozy sitting area?

Snug Harbor_019

Women’s clothing stores can be found along the boardwalk. You can never have too many formal gowns.

Snug Harbor_012