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HG Wells exhibit_001-Start at the front wall to learn about his childhood and his education.

–By Netera Landar

How many of you remember the movie, “The Time Machine,” and “War of the Worlds?” The man behind the possibility of moving forward in time without a ship and an alien invasion was H.G. Wells. Those who dared to think outside of the box, to create novels that went beyond the question of “what if,” inspired generations to come.

Being a time travel/SF/paranormal author, not only do I respect Wells’ message, I have so many more questions that extended beyond “why?” Had I the opportunity to travel back in time to speak to Wells, I would ask him why haven’t we learned the lessons of past generations to stop creating new wars? Would we be generate parallel worlds if we altered time with even one event? What if all the libraries of the world were closed and the only form of instruction came in the disc you suggested? How can you safeguard language so it isn’t forgotten? Who forgot to pack the darn instructions to the discs? What books did you grab before you returned to the future? Why did early SF authors think aliens wouldn’t have a more human-like form? Why are they all bugs?

Learn about H.G. Wells at Netera’s Coffee Shop on Snug Harbor. Click on the teleport door to go upstairs to our exhibit or take the staircase on the side of the building. Share your comments about what questions you would ask H.G. Wells had you the opportunity to speak with him.

H.G. Wells additional photos_003

Find the introduction to the left of the first two bio boxes.

H.G. Wells additional photos_004

This notecards tell about Wells being a student and later a teacher.

HG Wells exhibit_003

What laws would you add to this time travel list? Two scenes from the movie “The Time Machine.”

HG Wells exhibit_004

An SL creator actually made a representation of the Time Machine. Sit in it if you like.

H.G. Wells additional photos_001

A portrait of H.G. Wells, far left and three of his books. You should recognize the first two.

HG Wells exhibit_002

Bottom, center, a list of his more popular novels. Many can be purchased on Amazon.com.