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Look no more for a wonderful seaside home! Snug Harbor is now renting townhouses off the boardwalk. Enjoy beautiful sunsets from your own deck. You’ll have plenty of room to rez your furniture and boat. Across the way is the dance emporium and your close to Marina  Blues for the venue’s wonderful musical events. Have special get togethers across the pier in Netera’s Coffee Shop.

YC Annex 1 is a single level townhome with an oversize deck on beachfront property, perfect for entertaining. Has 1 bedroom and spacious living room. Double door entrance with great views. Bedroom looks out to the sea.

Rental: $3,499/month for 300 prims

Snug Harbor- Boardwalk, Snug Harbor (216, 63, 23) Moderate


YC Annex 2 is a roomy two level townhouse with 5 rooms, banks of windows and sky lighting. Realistic Hardwood floors are ready for your area rugs and either nautical furnishes or possibly shabby chic to kick back after a stressful day in real life.

Rent: 3,499/month, 300 prims

Snug Harbor – Boardwalk, Snug Harbor (204, 94, 22) – Moderate

This island development is created in the spirit of real life Rehoboth Beach Delaware with its mixture of commercial shops and entertainment for all ages.

Netera’s Coffee Shop’s Decor Now Shabby Chic!


If you’re looking for a cozy getaway to sit back and listen to concertos, look no further! Organizing your next group meeting and need a meeting place? Netera’s Coffee Shop on Snug Harbor welcomes you and your friends. With the new shabby chic decor, you can lounge in front of the marble fireplace in oversized armchairs or the cozy couch. Click the teapot for a hot cup of tea.


Hot cocoa and cookies await you at the two tables. More can be added, as well as snacks, if you like. IM Netera Landar for assistance.


Select a freshly brewed cup of coffee, doughnuts, cheesecake or a slice of chocolate cake from the snack bar. Remember, no calories.