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quinns-place-snug-harbor_010By Netera Landar

Snug Harbor Blogger

When Ty said there was a new venue on Snug Harbor, we were thrilled. More music is always a good thing. So first chance I got, I IM’d Quinn Mallory1974, the owner of the venue Sky Blue Yonder and asked for an interview. He agreed and I immediately stated that I loved the idea of an airship being a venue. It’s not something you see in SL’s music scene. You might see a space base, but this was different and deserved your attention.

“Sky Blue Yonder was created about two months ago,” said Quinn, back in August. “Logi Arizona (Logan.Weder) created it. In my six years of running venues and going to them I have never seen an airship venue before so I thought it would be great idea.”

He couldn’t name all the venues he owned, but managed to recall a few: The Clock Tower Venue, The Lighthouse and Guthries 2. High on his list of important things as a venue owner are making everyone feel as if it’s their second home and to provide great music. His greatest supporter is his partner Vivian Baxter, who lends a hand in helping him host.

The venue schedule features: Paris Cloyd at 8PM SLT on Mondays; Joe Paravane at 7 AM SLT on Tuesdays; Jon Regent, Fridays at 8 AM SLT; RoseDrop Rust on Fridays at 9 AM SLT and Fabs Keytarman on Sundays at 7 AM SLT.

Asked what he loves about running a venue, Quinn replied, that he can present a special place for people to come to listen to their favorite musicians. He learned about Snug Harbor from Barby Celtic Warrior, a long time performer and renter on Snug Harbor.

Quinn’s introduction to virtual worlds began when he was looking for 3D chat programs instead of Paltalk or MIRC. He stumbled on Second Life by chance. In time, he learned the ins and outs of this world through various strangers he met in sandboxes.

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