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snug harbor end of june 2016_002For numerous years, guitarist Bono Fouroux has performed at the Marina Blues on Snug Harbor Saturday afternoons 12PM SLT. He hails from Amsterdam – Holland and plays Gibson, Fender, or guitars he built himself. The blues is his genre of choice. He has quite a following. Ty Lomes, Snug’s owner, and Bono need only send out a  message and they are there.

snug harbor end of june 2016_005

Bono looking good in black leather. He’s such a natural performer. He puts his heart and soul into every tune.
snug harbor end of june 2016_007Slow moving to great tunes with an experienced guitarist.

Land on Snug Harbor recently made available for you to move right into…

snug harbor end of june 2016_010This is BYERS ISLAND. It is one of three properties that frame the new airstrip. Perfect for pilots. Fairly private. Lease the island for 10,950 Lindens a month and that will get you 1,000 prime to work with. Terraform if you wish…

snug harbor end of june 2016_011

snug harbor end of june 2016_012

The second property available is TOP ISLAND which is the taxiway for the airport. It’s yours for 14,900 lindens a month. You get 1,350 prims. Located at the base of the runway it’s another property perfect for those who love flying planes.

snug harbor end of june 2016_015

Talk about a view. Use Ty’s house or place a theme-appropriate cottage along with your favorite plane.

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snug harbor end of june 2016_017

The third available property is KEDGE. Lease the land for only 7,250 a month. You’ll get 750 prime and front row seats to 3 weekly musical performances.

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For more information, talk to Ty Lomes or his professional staff.