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You probably thought there was nothing else Snug Harbor owner Ty Lomes can add to make the nautical sim any better and bang he adds something new. Tucked away on sim 9 is a wave-splashing, vintage themed beach that looks like time never altered it. Thanks to the contributions of Pearl Sweetwater and  Ingazaentz, the retro-looking beach will be a great new hang out. Residents will have the opportunity to host parties, while visitors can rez a surf board and ride the wave after joining the navigator group. Pearl was responsible for adding three kickin’ new waves and Inga built a unique field house and terraformed the land. Grab an ice cold pop from the vintage color and chill on Snug Harbor beach.



You won’t find your standard field house here. Inga has incorporated a historical military theme in a mural, gun-metal gray salvaged ship parts for the counter and check out the small plane above.

So why the new playground?

According to Ty, he was ready for expansion. This is about as far as he can go North at this longitude. It became an estate corner and he wanted to add a new beach and a bigger wave. It’s a great new way to make it a more interesting place for all that walk on the shore.

“I was going to make it accessible by road, instead of boardwalk and someone told me why don’t you put in an airstrip. I said okay, but when you put in an airstrip you have to figure out what to put at the end of it. The building process took about a month. We ended up putting in a little field house and a place big enough to turn your plane around,” he said as we talked on the new stretch of beach on a Saturday afternoon. He added, “And only for small planes. I didn’t want a big airport. You can land here now and you can ride the wave.”


Snapshot_012Ty said it’s suppose to appear retro themed, like it’s been well used and been there forever. Inga, a Russian speaker, set out the nautical items arranged on the beach and created  the vintage field house and Pearl did the break-neck waves, water current and the rocks on the shore.


Inga’s plane awaits its pilot.


Two new properties are available near the air strip. Perfect to watch planes take off and land or to personally fly your own small plane.

Taking fun to a new level, Ty and Inga are introducing Easter Island. Think cultural versus paintball and you and your friends  can easily clock in an SL hour of this real life game with a virtual twist. Though it hasn’t had an official opening and rules aren’t yet posted, everyone is invited to teleport up  there. You’ll find teleports near the dance emporium in the town area.



No mystery to how these were moved here.


Meter and paintball color selection done here.

–Netera Landar, Snug Harbor blogger