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By Netera Landar

With the new year comes a few interesting changes on Snug Harbor.  One you’ll soon learn about. It will require keen observation and the ability to run. The other requires your attention and respect.

After several months of searching through history for the women I’ve come to admire, I’ve gathered a collection of historical photographs and teamed them with motivational quotes from these individuals. I did it because I wanted the former chat studio to be an educational realm. Second Life has a number of dedicated venues that are informative and motivational. So let’s create another.

On the second floor of Netera’s Lounge, you’ll find the first exhibit which I’ve titled, “Iconic Women.” Dedicated to the women who were courageous to swim against their time period’s tide, it offers quotes of wisdom which women today can relate to.


You can teleport to the second floor by clicking the teleport door. Feel free to walk around and read what these special women had to say about following the right path, being adventurous, brave and wise.

On Saturday, Jan. 2, at 2 PM SLT time, Kamille Kamala-Khan and I will read poetry in the lounge for the formal opening of the gallery. Kamille is a dynamic poet and I know you’ll appreciate her words and her ability to present a powerful message. I’ll be reading poetry from Maya Angelou and other well known female poets that I’ve respected over the years.

In future months, I’d like to feature Second Life and real life photography, more educational exhibits that tell about different time periods, people, Second Life communities and more. Artists and Photographers interested in being featured, please IM me.