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Tucked away in a quiet corner of Snug Harbor, you’ll find Siren’s Island to the right of the boardwalk. For L$26,299 a month you get 3,300 prims. This is a lease not own land. Feel free to add your own New England-style home and appropriate landscape.


Tig Island is behind Siren’s. It’s where the wave was located.. Privacy is a great feature here and the sea is perfect to wake up to in the morning. This lease, not sale, is currently available for L$25,399/month for 3150 prims. Add your own New England home or you will love this La Galleria model, complete with a spacious patio and a lovely pool.

Snapshot_005DuoLodge Island is on the other side of the sim. Several nearby properties are well landscaped so the view is great. The island shape is perfect for boats or setting out a large dock for entertaining. Lease the island for L$8,480/month for 800 prims.


Behind DuoLodge Island, you’ll find Nikkos in the corner. Two perspectives of this land for lease face the sea. You can call this desired location home for L$9,540/month for 900 prims.

Come see for yourself what Snug Harbor offers from land leasing to a cozy boardwalk, several venues and a coffee shop. What’s not to like?