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It’s summertime and everyone is soaking up the sun. Motorboats and sailboats are taking to the sea, backyard barbecues are filling the air with the enticing smell of grilled foods and vegan burgers and neighbors are getting to know each other.


A quality designed private home enjoyed by the couple living there.


Saphyre Cyberstar and ZZ make wonderful sailboats and yachts and furniture, as well. Check out their store on Snug Harbor.

am quar's men's store_002

Men can be dressed to impress through AM Quar’s men’s line. Visit his store on Snug Harbor.

silk dreams_002

Lovely fashions available at Silk Dreams.

There continues to be a sense of pride in developing the theme with both East Coast architecture and attractive landscaping.  Snug Harbor’s island development is created in the spirit of real life Rehoboth Beach Delaware with its mixture of commercial shops and entertainment for all ages.   For those on an budget, docks and apartments may be available. Three times a week, well established musicians: AM Quar, Bono, and Celtic perform in Snug’s venues: at the Dance Emporium, Marina Blues, and a sky-build campfire setting.


Rozamyndi Brimm’s fashions is located right next to Marina Blues venue.

Shop at the many boardwalk stores, such as Rozamyndi Brimm’s fashions, Cybersculpts Shop, or have a cup of freshly brewed coffee at Netera’s Coffee Shop.


Not too late to purchase a bikini at Boing.


Enjoy a private conversation at our little coffee shop overlooking the boardwalk. A cozy living room setting allows you to meet for a group chat. More seating can be arranged by IMing me.


Surfers Cove is waiting for you to call it home. You can use the beach home provided or one of your own.

available - Nikko's Island_001

Why wait? Talk to Ty Lomes today about renting Nikkos Island. Add your home and landscaping and then sit back and relax.

Current properties available include Nikkos Island with a 900 prim allowance. With plenty of room for a dock and your favorite boats. Or Surfers Cove, which is down right affordable at $1,200 a week and tucked away in a peaceful corner of Snug Harbor.