Amforte Clarity Rocks Snug Harbor!!


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Amforte Clarity on Snug Harbor’s outdoor stage. She has a great personality and a natural talent when for performing.


Trying to connect with a musician on Second Life, when you work for another, is quite the challenge. 

But when the opportunity came, Amforte Clarity and I sat down to talk on Austin Moores’ platform. She’s very open and easy to talk to. She’s a free spirit with a passion for song writing, singing, and film. She’s admits to being a joker and she’s having a great time singing on Snug Harbor.

In 2008, when Amforte started singing in Second Life, her goal was just getting her music out there. She laughs when I ask her how she learned about Second Life and says, “That’s a funny story.” In real life, she was working in a lingerie shop and a SL singer’s friend was working there. He just happened to say that he was going to sing online later. That info made Amforte curious. She waited for the singer to return to the store. When he did, he gave the information she needed to download SL. 

“It was quite eye opening for me,” she recalled when seeing Second Life for the first time. “This is perfect! I was at his friend’s house when he had a show. He introduced me (to the audience) so that was great. He said I was new, and I had my guitar, and I just played a couple of songs and people loved it,” explained Amforte.

She admits that she knew no covers back then. She just had the original songs she’d written and she played the guitar.

“It just took off from there and I just got as many shows as I could,” said Amforte. “I was grateful for the singer who helped me get started.”

Now, there’s a great deal of competition, in terms of attracting an audience and keeping it during prime entertainment time. Amforte found that she had to evolve. She started using tracks.

“It was at the same time I got sick and I didn’t want to stop playing anymore,” she related. “Singing is my life. It keeps me from going crazy. It kind of feels different than playing my guitar and originals and covers. There’s a difference between acoustic and track. Acoustic is more personal and more emotional, I think. I’m emotionally attached to songs.”

Currently, Amforte doesn’t have a manager. But, in the past, Lingual Markus was a big help in keeping her on track. She regarded him as “the best manager ever.” He owned The Roof venue and he knew the business end of SL performances.

Today, you’ll find Amforte on average doing two gigs, but she can have up to four a day.

“I sing everything, from acoustic, private shows, originals, covers songs to 60s to pop, jazz, blues, country, some swing like Postmodern Juke Box. People know me for Alanis Morissette songs. Some people say I sound like her. My favorite singer changes from week to week. Right now, I’m into the songs of Lewis Capaldi. I love singing songs with emotion or love songs.”

Amforte says she sings at 15 venues, not always on a regular basis, playing anywhere from 30 to 50 shows a month. She’s been performing a few months at Snug Harbor. That was arranged through a host of hers who was looking for additional venues for her and got her the gig.

Did you know that there’s this whole other passion of hers? She just received a Bachelors in Art in Film Studies, which she said was hard work. She’s working on a feature film which she hopes will be done in a few years. There’s a lot of producing and pre-production as well as raising capital to be done first.

Snug Harbor’s owner, Ty, on the right.

Update: Land Available on Snug Harbor


Sunset Walk available for rent L$14,499/month 3,195 land impact Click on the sim map to locate and teleport to all the available islands. 


Siren’s Island available for rent L$12,995/a month 4070 land impact


Northill Island Available for rent L$12,320/month, L$12,320

Islands Currently Available


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Three islands are currently available on one of the hottest multi-sims on Second Life. Now’s your chance to call Snug Harbor your virtual home and sail away with a loved one on the vast Blake Sea. When you’re ready to dance, walk right into the Dance Emporium, or Marina Blues. Want a cup of coffee or a quiet place to talk to friends? Check out Netera’s coffee shop. IM Ty Lomes if you’re interested in the property below.

Snug Harbor April 2018 rentals

Northill Island, 4,280 prims, available for rent for $18,999 a month.


Snug Harbor April 2018 rentals_001

Sunset Walk, 3,195 prims, available for rent for $14,499 a month.

Snug Harbor April 2018 rentals_002

Hello Island, 1,100 prims, available for rent for $7700 a month.

Snug Harbor April 2018 rentals_003

Ocean Way, 1,000 prims, available for rent for $7,000 a month.

Snug Harbor April 2018 rentals

Surfers Cove Island, 2690 prims, available for rent for $10,700 a month.

Islands Available On Snug Harbor


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Three islands are currently available on one of the hottest multi-sims on Second Life. Now’s your chance to call Snug Harbor your virtual home and sail away with a loved one on the vast Blake Sea. When you’re ready to dance, walk right into the Dance Emporium, or Marina Blues. Want a cup of coffee or a quiet place to talk to friends? Check out Netera’s coffee shop. IM Ty Lomes if you’re interested in the property below.

Downtown Snug Harbor: Snug Harbor (97, 107, 72)

back, wedge, frog islands_001Back Island–L$8,000/month–Prims 1,300

back, wedge, frog islands_005Wedge Island–L$4,998/month–Prims 6,500

back, wedge, frog islands_006Frog Island–L$6,120/month–Prims 810

Day & Night on Snug Harbor


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snug harbor_007

Whether you’re shopping for a Hampton Home, townhouse, or market shop, DEER Home and Garden has some realistic models. You’ll find DEER on Snug Harbor.

snug harbor_001

Looking for a quiet coffee shop to relax in after Christmas shopping? Look for Netera’s.

snug harbor dance emporium_004

Stroll down the board walk or rent a space along the dock.

snug harbor_006

Townhouses are available with oversized decks and floor-to-ceiling windows.

snug harbor_003

Dance to your heart’s content at Snug’s Dance Emporium.

Snug Harbor_008

Marina Blues is another popular venue. Bono is a regular performer here.

Snug Harbor_017

Rich wooden tones are the main decor at the Dance Emporium. A perfect site for a wedding reception or a quiet dance floor for two.

Snug Harbor_015

The nautical theme can be found throughout Snug Harbor.

Snug Harbor_011

Friends often meet behind Marina Blues. Who doesn’t love the comfort of a fire pit and cozy sitting area?

Snug Harbor_019

Women’s clothing stores can be found along the boardwalk. You can never have too many formal gowns.

Snug Harbor_012

H.G. Wells Exhibit Focuses on the Writer and his Science Fiction Contributions


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HG Wells exhibit_001-Start at the front wall to learn about his childhood and his education.

–By Netera Landar

How many of you remember the movie, “The Time Machine,” and “War of the Worlds?” The man behind the possibility of moving forward in time without a ship and an alien invasion was H.G. Wells. Those who dared to think outside of the box, to create novels that went beyond the question of “what if,” inspired generations to come.

Being a time travel/SF/paranormal author, not only do I respect Wells’ message, I have so many more questions that extended beyond “why?” Had I the opportunity to travel back in time to speak to Wells, I would ask him why haven’t we learned the lessons of past generations to stop creating new wars? Would we be generate parallel worlds if we altered time with even one event? What if all the libraries of the world were closed and the only form of instruction came in the disc you suggested? How can you safeguard language so it isn’t forgotten? Who forgot to pack the darn instructions to the discs? What books did you grab before you returned to the future? Why did early SF authors think aliens wouldn’t have a more human-like form? Why are they all bugs?

Learn about H.G. Wells at Netera’s Coffee Shop on Snug Harbor. Click on the teleport door to go upstairs to our exhibit or take the staircase on the side of the building. Share your comments about what questions you would ask H.G. Wells had you the opportunity to speak with him.

H.G. Wells additional photos_003

Find the introduction to the left of the first two bio boxes.

H.G. Wells additional photos_004

This notecards tell about Wells being a student and later a teacher.

HG Wells exhibit_003

What laws would you add to this time travel list? Two scenes from the movie “The Time Machine.”

HG Wells exhibit_004

An SL creator actually made a representation of the Time Machine. Sit in it if you like.

H.G. Wells additional photos_001

A portrait of H.G. Wells, far left and three of his books. You should recognize the first two.

HG Wells exhibit_002

Bottom, center, a list of his more popular novels. Many can be purchased on

Available Property on Snug Harbor!!


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On Snug Harbor 9

Rental – Byers Island is available for L$6,570 a month. Prim allowance is 980. Great placement at the end of the vast community. Perfect for those with planes. Don’t wait too long.



Rental – Top Island is waiting for you. Set down a lovely home for L$14,900 a month. You get 1,800 prims.



Rental – Ocean Way is perfect for romantic sunsets at L$9,500 a month for 1,000 prims.



Rental – Hello Island is available for L$11,490 a month with 1,100 prims.



Rental – Fisherman’s Rest is a good size island available for L$8,995 a month. Prim allowance is 1,300.

Snug Harbor has an east coast setting, a downtown area, set sale to your heart’s content, and don’t forget multiple venues. IM or send a notecard to Ty Lomes for more information.


Russian Community Opens Black Orchid Club On Snug Harbor in Second Life




Ebony and gray tones dominate the formal setting. Here color adds glamour and sophistication.

By Netera Landar

With the grand opening of Black Orchid night club, it’s clear to see that the sim values an international community. The Russians feel at home here having met Snug Harbor’s owner, Ty Lomes, back in 2010. Shortly after, they opened a Russian Park on the sim.

“Nehama is a Russian singer who also enjoys popular English songs. She not only is a DJ here, she owns and operates the club. You can often find her performing on the Titanic here in SL. She has a voice like Marlene Dietrich,” said Lomes. “The building was created by Inga Zaenta, who also made the airport here.”

The other DJs filling the entertainment schedule are: Vishenka on Sunday and Chychelka on Friday. Nehama is there on Tuesdays. The DJs play popular songs in Russian and some American tunes from 10 a.m. to noon SL time.

The club is open to the public, as well. You can visit it through the teleport system located in front of the Dance Emporium on Snug’s boardwalk. It’s located at Snug Harbor – Dance Emporium – Black Orchid Club – Snug Harbor 115, 133, 3801. Make sure to dress formally and wear your translator so you can interact with those in the club.


The informational display informs guests when the DJs are scheduled to perform.


Adding to the social setting is a full-scale bar.


Relax in the leather couches and chairs and have a drink on the house.


Ty Lomes, Snug Harbor’s owner.


Both a grand piano and drum set await performers.


The Black Orchid staff  wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

New Townhouses Await you on Snug Harbor!


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Look no more for a wonderful seaside home! Snug Harbor is now renting townhouses off the boardwalk. Enjoy beautiful sunsets from your own deck. You’ll have plenty of room to rez your furniture and boat. Across the way is the dance emporium and your close to Marina  Blues for the venue’s wonderful musical events. Have special get togethers across the pier in Netera’s Coffee Shop.

YC Annex 1 is a single level townhome with an oversize deck on beachfront property, perfect for entertaining. Has 1 bedroom and spacious living room. Double door entrance with great views. Bedroom looks out to the sea.

Rental: $3,499/month for 300 prims

Snug Harbor- Boardwalk, Snug Harbor (216, 63, 23) Moderate


YC Annex 2 is a roomy two level townhouse with 5 rooms, banks of windows and sky lighting. Realistic Hardwood floors are ready for your area rugs and either nautical furnishes or possibly shabby chic to kick back after a stressful day in real life.

Rent: 3,499/month, 300 prims

Snug Harbor – Boardwalk, Snug Harbor (204, 94, 22) – Moderate

This island development is created in the spirit of real life Rehoboth Beach Delaware with its mixture of commercial shops and entertainment for all ages.

Netera’s Coffee Shop’s Decor Now Shabby Chic!


If you’re looking for a cozy getaway to sit back and listen to concertos, look no further! Organizing your next group meeting and need a meeting place? Netera’s Coffee Shop on Snug Harbor welcomes you and your friends. With the new shabby chic decor, you can lounge in front of the marble fireplace in oversized armchairs or the cozy couch. Click the teapot for a hot cup of tea.


Hot cocoa and cookies await you at the two tables. More can be added, as well as snacks, if you like. IM Netera Landar for assistance.


Select a freshly brewed cup of coffee, doughnuts, cheesecake or a slice of chocolate cake from the snack bar. Remember, no calories.

Check Out Sky Blue Yonder at Snug Harbor


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quinns-place-snug-harbor_010By Netera Landar

Snug Harbor Blogger

When Ty said there was a new venue on Snug Harbor, we were thrilled. More music is always a good thing. So first chance I got, I IM’d Quinn Mallory1974, the owner of the venue Sky Blue Yonder and asked for an interview. He agreed and I immediately stated that I loved the idea of an airship being a venue. It’s not something you see in SL’s music scene. You might see a space base, but this was different and deserved your attention.

“Sky Blue Yonder was created about two months ago,” said Quinn, back in August. “Logi Arizona (Logan.Weder) created it. In my six years of running venues and going to them I have never seen an airship venue before so I thought it would be great idea.”

He couldn’t name all the venues he owned, but managed to recall a few: The Clock Tower Venue, The Lighthouse and Guthries 2. High on his list of important things as a venue owner are making everyone feel as if it’s their second home and to provide great music. His greatest supporter is his partner Vivian Baxter, who lends a hand in helping him host.

The venue schedule features: Paris Cloyd at 8PM SLT on Mondays; Joe Paravane at 7 AM SLT on Tuesdays; Jon Regent, Fridays at 8 AM SLT; RoseDrop Rust on Fridays at 9 AM SLT and Fabs Keytarman on Sundays at 7 AM SLT.

Asked what he loves about running a venue, Quinn replied, that he can present a special place for people to come to listen to their favorite musicians. He learned about Snug Harbor from Barby Celtic Warrior, a long time performer and renter on Snug Harbor.

Quinn’s introduction to virtual worlds began when he was looking for 3D chat programs instead of Paltalk or MIRC. He stumbled on Second Life by chance. In time, he learned the ins and outs of this world through various strangers he met in sandboxes.

quinns-place-snug-harbor_017 quinns-place-snug-harbor_004 quinns-place-snug-harbor_015

quinns-place-snug-harbor_002 quinns-place-snug-harbor_001